Love my Guildies (part 2)

I have a special friend in my guild, who I have played with for a very long time. He’s a dedicaed gamer who in WOW has a level-at-least 70 character of every class. He plays them all far better than I play any of mine. A while ago when I was gong through a down patch with WOW and the guild, he spent over a week farming me a pet. He farmed me the rarest pet in the game – the Hyacinth Macaw. He wrote me a beautiful letter to go with it, which I’d better not post here because it might cause him embarassment, but I will keep it for ever.


This week he surprised me again. He met me on the steps of the Dalaran bank, went down on one knee and presented me with an Ammen Vale Lashling. He had done all the argent tournament thingies and rather than buy himself a shiny new mount or something had got me a new pet.


He came and helped me kill Chillmaw, some scourge and the Bone Wastes guys. That got me a bit closer to having enough seals to buy myself a new pet. I’m slacking a bit because I find the jousting hard and son won’t do it for me every day. My hands are playing up with my MS too so it’s even harder for me at the moment :(

Next day, he was on one of his other characters. Again I bumped into him by my usual Dalaran hang-out – the bank and AGAIN he went on one knee (at least I think he did – kind of hard to tell with Gnomes) and this time gave me a Mechanopeep pet.


I cried. Other people who were on vent with me at the time (we’d just done the PVP stuff) can vouch for the crying. I can’t remember the last time somebody who I’ve never met and who I only know through a stupid online computer game has ever been so kind. I was totally speechless.

You know who you are (I think a few others know too). I think you read this blog. THANK YOU. It’s not really enough to say it, but it is completely and utterly heartfelt. Thank you so very much.

With some more help I actually managed to get enough seals to buy my own pet. It was kind of a hard decision because I could buy the Elwynn Lamb or the Teldrassil Sproutling, having achieved exalted status with both. Having read about the animations for both I decided on the lamb.


I’m working towards my Ironforge rep now for the cute bear cub, but it’s a long slow process. Getting the last 2 Alliance pets may take some time and I think it will be a long and costly wait for the Horde versions. I think I might have to forget about them for a while. They aren’t as pretty as the Alliance ones anyway.

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  1. Mumma Bear says:

    How lovely of your friend! And congratulations on all your new pets… I hate doing dailies but you’ve inspired me to go and grind some seals.

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