Messing with the Mind

Well, we finally did it! Six and a bit weeks after I left my safe comfortable home for my new guild, we have cleared Ulduar (apart from Algalon, who I’m cheating and not counting).


We had cleared the week before and held the ID, firm in the belief that we wanted to get the stupid Old God down. Some had a go on Sunday, but didn’t quite pull it off – they had a valiant 11% attempt. Another team prepared on Tuesday and we tweaked a few tactics, changed the set-up and went forth! First try he went down. We were completely shocked and utterly delighted. We Descended into the Madness and came out alive, sane and smiling (apart from one of us who went mad – he shall remain anonymous unless he is mean to me).

I really never quite believed that I would be in the position of having seen and killed all current content before the next lot came out, but we’ve done it. It feels good.

We went off in a blaze of glory to try the Sarth plus 3 drakes zerg and had some really close tries (5% was the best), but didn’t quite manage it. I’m sure we will one day soon though.

Around this time I noticed something else to mess with my mind. An interesting article on Greedy Goblin’s blog where he and his guild (who are, it must be admitted a little more advanced than ours) ran Ulduar 10 wearing nothing better than blues. Gevlon has a series of posts about this and states that basically you should “bring the skilled player, not the class” which I completely agree with. This was fundamentally the biggest problem with my old guild. It was the challenge of how to tell people to l2p.

It also adds weight to my desire to spend my time experiencing the game, rather than grinding heroics for the latest little upgrades. I was disappointed yesterday that I’d decided to have a night off raiding when my guild went and cleared up in the Coliseum, including the new boss (Twins). I was very happy for the guild and the team that went, but I missed out on a new experience.

There is another raid put up for those who missed it and alt fill-ins, but I will likely miss that too due to the imminent arrival of my Mother-in-Law….. which reminds me – I’d better go get her bedroom ready….. argh!

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3 Responses to Messing with the Mind

  1. gmazeroth says:

    Wow! Big congrats! We’ve cleared everything but Yogg even though we have spent hours and hours of wiping on the ugly brain. This weekend we’ll finally have our best raiders on one team and I think we can do it. It’s not a fun fight though. So much going on at once. Looking forward to posting a Victory picture on my own blog soon.

  2. Kestrel says:

    Hi Sephrenia,

    I just replied to your comment on Brajana’s latest article, then I did some more checking. Can’t find a Contact link, so putting this here.

    Your FEEDBURNER feed is a full feed; however, there are two links (one in the Meta section and one at the bottom of each page) to your default feed (, which is a partial feed. Both of those links are more prominent than your FeedBurner button. 🙂

    My suggestion: Check your theme, especially in footer.php and index.php or one of the other files, for those links, and change them to your FeedBurner link. Hope this helps!

  3. Zahrah says:

    Grats! He was a massive challange for us as well, and we are looking forward to trying Algalon.

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