Brewfest – a trick I’m going to try – cross your fingers for me…

Son and I have been doing our brewfest dailies. He does the ram racing for me because he is SO good at it. I can barely manage the barking in Ironforge one 🙁

Today, he noticed something and we have come up with a plan to complete our collection a little early… I’m sure Blizzard will catch on and make it so we can’t do it, but at the moment, if you buy all 3 parts of your Brewfest attire for the Dress up, get drunk and dance achievement, do it and then sell the pieces back to the vendor, you get your tokens back and can hand in the Brew of the Month requirement. This saves you 200 tokens and lots of hearthache in my case.

I really really hope that they don’t change it because I’m struggling with these quests. Last year I had enough tokens to buy the outfits, but didn’t because they look ugly and then I lost all my tokens. I wish I had been more prepared then and more aware of the requirements for the Long, Strange, ….. achievement.

Cross your fingers for me that this week I get my violet proto-drake (and the Green Oracles one would be nice too).

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  1. gmazeroth says:

    I got the Brew of the Month club last year, but never did buy an outfit for myself, so I’ll be a few days before I get to finish the Brewfest achievements. Some guldies of mine did mention the buy and sell back trick you’re talking about though. I wouldn’t worry too much about Blizzard nerfing it.

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