Turkinator – how I hate you.

OK, so it’s brought me out of my semi-sort of retirement. Stupid bloody achievement things I go through to get pets! Pilgrim’s Bounty. Eat turkey and stuffing and food and things. Sounds simple enough.

It’s not even an event that counts to the Long Strange Trip. Why do people care? I CARE. There is a pet reward at the end of it. A pet that you can only get if you complete the Pilgrim’s achievement. It’s only available for a week, once a year. Argh!


I had trouble sleeping on Saturday night, so thought I’d go try the evil part of this achievement. The TURKINATOR.

The thing you have to remember here is that I heal. Also, I keyboard turn most of the time. I’m not used to looking at my screen, other than the little boxes with people’s names on them. I use Grid. I rarely target things. Everything I need to know shows up in grid. Usually I only know a boss is dead because people stop losing health. Now I need to find tiny turkeys running around Elywnn Forest and then kill them. With no instant, ready to use immediately spell, other than SW:P (and to an extent SW:D), which I only just found out does tag the target as soon as you cast it.

So, I started. I failed, several times, getting to 8 or 9 and running out of visible turkeys. Read Wowhead, forums, etc…… Use a macro.

Step one Macro: /tar Wild Turkey

Try again. Targetted turkey. Looks madly around to find it. Can’t see a bloody thing for all the trees, cows, wolves, defias, etc. Get to about 14. Some druid wooshes up in fast cat form, moonfires and steals my turkey. Fail. Read a bit more.

Aha – set up a raid target icon! Yay. Get a willing volunteer to party with me. (OK, maybe I begged a bit, but a girl’s got to do what a girl’s got to do).

Macro 2:
/tar Wild Turkey
/run setRaidtarget(“target”,1)

This now targets the nearest turkey and puts a star on it. NOW they are a bit easier to see…… Come here you little buggers…. I get to about 17 losing again to druids wooshing in.


I try a few more times and eventually give up and go to bed…..

Next day, try again. Rope a friend into helping. He charges about on his Kodo finding the little buggers for me. Almost there this time – get to 28 and run out of forest and turkeys. Try again. Get to 36 and a little Gnome wooshes up, blinks past me and STEALS MY KILL. Again! Argh!

Give up and go visit Horde cities. I get killed in Orgrimmar, but manage to respawn, sit down and get the job done before I’m killed again. Decide to spirit res (38g – there goes all the daily rewards, but at least I didn’t have to run back and face death again). Thunder Bluff and Silvermoon are deserted, so get them done no problem, but someone says Undercity is a bit more crowded and you have to go in the city to find the tables…. Time to put on my bunny ears as well as my dress. Bit of flirting and I survive – YAY 🙂


Next up I find a Paladin friend (Crusader Aura ftw). My lovely, gets me all the best pets, good luck charm friend…. I make a new Macro number 3:

Macro 3:
/tar Wild Turkey
/run setRaidtarget(“target”,1)
/cast Shadow Word: Pain

We get on vent to aid communication and start right at one end of Elywnn. We get to 38 and run out of turkeys. The pain. Keep your chin up Seph. Bloody turkeys are NOT going to beat you. We try again and HURRAH! I managed it! Woot, woot!


Look at that shot – I even got a surge of light proc (the pink circle thing in Power Aura’s add-on) as I cast my Holy Nova to kill the last one! (I wanted it to be an instant kill because I was on 39 and didn’t want anyone stealing it or something).

Last night I slept like a happy baby content that all I now need to do over the next few days is some dailies, get a hat and kill Talon King Ikiss (volunteers to come kill stuff welcomed) and shoot 4 more rogues. I have friends lined up ready to create level one rogues for me if all the others that usually hang round Dalaran suddenly get the urge to spend all week in Stealth or in front of the TV.

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2 Responses to Turkinator – how I hate you.

  1. Foosecond says:

    Tracker snacks : Allows you to see concentrations of animals including turkeys. Made it much easier to spot, and I found turkeys I didnt know existed while previously running through the area. (Disclaimer : I cooked and sold a lot of tracker snacks during the festival)

  2. ismellgoodxD says:

    thank you so much for this post!!! the last macro was such a GREAT idea!! i love you for this! <3 thank you!

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