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Well, after being together just over 4 months, my new guild TakeTen has achieved server first place for Strict 10-man achievements and progression. This was where we were aiming for when we split from my old guild. Some of it is down to other guild migrating and others moving on to doing 25 man things, but we have stuck to our guns and actively avoided doing 25 man stuff.

Last night, we managed to rally enough people (who mostly are a bit tired and are waiting for Icecrown to hit) to have another try at Sartharion with 3 drakes up. We should have done it ages ago but were more focussed on clearing Ulduar (except Algalon, ofc) and then TotC.

We had a great team. On our 4th try, we did it!


OK, so it’s not the best shot ever, but a few things I want to highlight. I’m dead. I’m still healing, in Spirit form 🙂 My tank is alive (Selindia). Our druid ran off with the other drakes and managed to shadowmeld then come back and res us all. Selindia won the drake with an 85 roll over my 81 roll.

Cut to obligatory kill shot….


I am a happy raider again. Now, if people would sign I’m sure we could round off TotC Heroic. Jaraxxus drops a pair of trousers (oh, er Missus) that I quite like the look of.

But it looks like Icecrown will be with us next week, all going to plan, so that might mean that we can forget the stupid circle of doom with its no trash and boring boss anouncements. “Battle on Heroes”. Yeah, yeah. I’m gonna battle on Mr Fordring. Just not here much longer.

On a completely different note, spurred on by and this post, I decided it was time to complete my Keymaster achievement so went and got myself the shadowforge key.


I was very impressed with my little self doing it all alone and NOT getting lost in BRD. Dying the the lava in Blackrock Mountain brought back some memories though 🙂

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