We did it! We bloody did it.

I spent all afternoon sulking after the debacle on Wednesday and we only had 7 signed for tonight. Decided to log in anyway and found we had a few more available, so we gathered 10 of us and headed for the platform.

We didn’t have the best group. We had 3 Paladins (one who had never seen the fight before), 2 priests (one disc, one shadow), a mage who had spent all week ill in bed, 2 druids (a tree and a chicken), a warrior (who normally tanked but we decided he would be best of the 3 tanks to do dps) and a wonderful shaman healer. What? No, we didn’t have anyone who could interrupt the enraged shamblers. No hunter, no rogue.

Gradually, we got better and better. We started moving in tune, helping each other out by talking (and not blaming :P). We had a 27% wipe or something like that. Then all of a sudden it was like being in a movie, watching as everything went right…. Right until 12% when people started dying. We battle ressed one, one used an Ankh (I think – sorry Ari if you didn’t), I spammed Holy Nova, it was mass panic …. and we all died.

Had we done it, or had we wiped?

WE DID IT! WE DID IT! We had a DBM thing that said … “Roleplay 3mins” or similar.

Then I was ressed by Terenas Menethil! Woo Hoo!

I was so excited I forgot to screenshot it.

We nuked the hell out of Arthas and got this…..


I am so happy. I was shaking. After recent upsets and people leaving the guild and me wanting to stay strong and stick to my beliefs that we COULD do it Strict 10 man, we did it.

We had 3 people with us who had seen 25 man ICC. One who has done a lot of it and 2 who had done the first 4 bosses in there (but who still need a LOT of loot and can not be called “decked out in 25 man gear” by a long way).

Here is the dead Arthas shot….


Oh and we got crappy loot – we had to diss the fist weapon because nobody wanted it :(

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9 Responses to Yes, YES, OMFG, YES!

  1. Arithe says:

    Oh, I never thought tonight would happen, pretty much like you, and I’m still shaking and a bit unable to sleep.

    I barely remember anything we did though, LOL. It all just went kinda like it should except those moments of oh crap and the tree dying… (Yes, I did use an ankh because I have yet to have died to LK in a way where I could rezz myself – shaman pride and all being able to bring yourself back from the dead. *flex*) But to see those achivements pop and then watch that video, oh, it felt like such a glorious reward for all the hard work we had to put in. (Though vent somehow broke the audio for the video, sooo we have to go back and do it all over so I can hear what they say properly. :p )

    Long live the King, the King is dead (by our hands!)

  2. Larísa says:

    Wow! Huge grats! Such a relief!

  3. Pilfkin says:

    Oh Seph *big hugs* and many congratuaations. You utterly deserve this and I’m so glad it’s happened. The king is dead, long live…?


  4. guildmum says:

    Thanks all – I’m still totally hyper this morning. I can’t believe I’ve killed an end boss BEFORE the next expansion is out. I’ve finished (yes, I know there’s heroic stuff). I’m done. There is NO LK boss I haven’t killed. Phew!

  5. Jen says:

    That’s awesome! We’re trying him on 10-man with (mostly) 25-man gear and he’s so hard, I can’t imagine how bad it is as 10-strict… Congratulations!

  6. Gruffer says:

    Grz Seph. Awsome that you guys and girls ended the days of the LK :-)

  7. Tam says:

    Congratulations! That’s amazing :)

  8. Nefernet says:

    Big gratz Seph ! I love when you say you were shaking and it was such a great time. That’s for those moment that I love raiding. For that kill. That one. That boss you’re working on for weeks and one night, it’s done, it’s dead. It’s so cool.
    Gratz again ! LK is hard.

  9. gmazeroth says:

    Grats! We’re going to start our first attempts on him tonight. I think the biggest thing for us, when we do get him down, will be similar to you in that it will be the first time we’ve killed an end game boss before the next expansion. We’re still doing it as a strict 10 guild, and it’s been tough, but satisfying. Our kill on Sindragosa last night felt wonderful. Excellent Job!

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