Lightwell – I like it

I know, I’m kind of wierd that way. But if I have a healing spell, then it would be good for me to be able to use it and to get my friends to use it too. I read this on the Devchat Twitter thing (I can’t quite work Twitter out yet)…

Q. Please talk about Lightwell. There has been much wailing about it on priest forums. Are you intent on keeping it in?
A. Lightwell is complicated because it deals very much with the healing philosophy we’re trying to resurrect in Cataclysm. Remember when your raid would make a conscious effort to survive before doing damage, would bring stacks of bandages and use them throughout the fight to save their healers mana? Lightwell is very strong – if not overpowered – in that environment.

I like it. I’ve been thinking back to my ‘old’ raiding days recently and about the “new players today don’t know they are born” sort of thing. I remember as a rogue having to be responsible for my own health. “Rogues did not get healed” was a comment I remember from the GM of my first proper raiding guild.

I used to go to raids with bandages (at LEAST 60 per raid – normally 100), healing potions (20-40 and they stacked in 5s), whipper root tubers – as many as I could get on my trips round Felwood while getting slaughtered by Nihilum because I was an alliance player on Magtheridon.


Yeah, I know the pic is of current stuff -I couldn’t find an old school one 🙂

The ONLY fight we (as a rogue) got healed on was Vael because it was a true dps race. On Razergore we had to heal the healers with bandages. We had druids, priests and paladins to heal us and generally if you were one of those classes you healed. You didn’t dps. You were laughed at if you wanted to dps. OK, so I don’t want to go that route, but if you want to heal then to actually think about HOW you heal and who gets your heals would be lovely.

I would love for things to be complicated again. I LOVED the Vezax fight in Ulduar because you had to work out who was best to heal and how best to do it. It was healing in much the same was as a dps player would work out rotations and stuff, but healing version – how best to spend my mana?

Back in the old days as a rogue when I switched guild the first thing I noticed was that the priests used their lightwell and as a rogue I loved them for it.

Then I changed to being a priest. I think the stress of only having stuff in my bags that would heal me got to me! I needed room for pets as well…..

One day soon I AM going to get round to a true whine post about how a new player has it so easy. You can collect a full tier set in a few weeks. I mean … back in my day I don’t think I knew anyone who EVER got a full Tier set. Nowadays players want it all on a plate. OK, so I don’t really like either, but I do feel the balance has gone the wrong way a little.

Anyway – teaching people to help themselves survive a bit longer will be a good thing imo.

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5 Responses to Lightwell – I like it

  1. Saga says:

    I remember those days. I too was a rogue in vanilla and know the memories of bags full or healing potions and bandages 🙂 These days it seems impossible to even get a hybrid to heal themselves when taking damage. (Like a ret paladin I met in Old Kingdom.. during insanity he died cause he wouldn’t heal himself *lol*)

    It’s a playstyle or philosphy I’ll never come to terms with I think. Why not help yourself out (and your party) if you can? It’s the same with people not helping with decursing/cleansing just because “they’re dps”.

  2. Tam says:

    I guess I’m just a child of the new revolution but I am happy to heal people who need healing – not if they’re actively being shit and taking tonnes of unavoidable damage but I think there’s a spectrum between that point and a rogue having to take time out of her DPS to self-bandage. I think a lot of Blizzard’s design philsophy at the moment is unfortunately paternalistic “players will get away with whatever they can, so they should be forced to eat a bowl of sprouts.”

  3. guildmum says:

    Tam – I agree and am happy to heal anyone, but I was trying to say that people and teams would benefit from players taking some responsibility for themselves. Not all healers are necessarily Mothers who try very hard to look after everyone. I find it horribly difficult to let people die, even if they are completely full of stupid and I can see them standing in a pile of fire/goo/shadow hurt.

    And I do like Saga’s point about classes who CAN heal not doing it (apart from possibly druids who have to shift out and then can’t get back or something).

    I think if people don’t think or and play as a team when in a team situation then I’m less likely to want to heal them, but I’ll always heal a warrior who gives me any mana potions he picks up and give them the healing pots I collect, just in case I’m sidetracked healing a dps who can’t be bothered to move because if he does he won’t top the dps meters…. :S

  4. Zahraah says:

    We had a holy priest raid with us a few times and would put down Lightwell on LK Heroic attempts. They got laughed at by the healers when they weren’t there, and it is a little sad – I didn’t click it – forgot it was there as soon as the encounter started and it doesn’t seem that anyone clicked it. I remember when maxed First aid was a Raider required skill, and that health pots were to be used, but this was before the cool down on pots was introduced. Dps get told to save our pots for dps increasing ones.

  5. Kring says:

    Todays smart AE heal will never bring back any amount of self healing. They would have to be removed, completely.

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