Boo Hoo re Leap of Faith

Damn you BLizzard for taking away a potential source of fun for priests…

To quote MMO Champion….

Griefing friendly players with Leap of Faith

Leap of Faith needs to be constrained to your group only.


Double shame that this is one of the few bits of information about priests. Everytime I read MMO all I ever see is a wall of text about Paladins. I think Blizzard should do us all a favour and just remove them from the game. Especially the dwarf and blood elf ones.

Yeah, I’m in a cranky mood – I’m off to Germany in 3 hours for work and won’t be back until late Tuesday…. I will miss my family and some raids. Grrrr.

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2 Responses to Boo Hoo re Leap of Faith

  1. Tam says:


    I hate that damn talent, I was looking forward to consoling myself with a bit of well-needed griefing.

    “Hey, you, blocking the mailbox *yoink*”

  2. Saga says:

    The entire concept of Leap of Faith is a bit odd to me, and I guess in the end they had to make it only for your group. In an ideal world that wouldn’t be the case, but I can just see people abusing it ad infinitum (and not just to remove people blocking the maibox like Tam hehe).

    I’m not sure what I feel about the talent yet, I’m sure it might be useful… maybe.. but at the same time.. won’t it make dps move out of the nasty even more? Maybe they’ll just think “I’ll just keep dpsing and boosting my numbers.. and if I’m standing in the stupid the priest can get me out of it!”

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