The Day Deathwing Came

Well, since cataclysm came out I’ve been really busy – work, home, Christmas, New Year and finding time to play WOW have all conspired to wear me out and leave me very little time for much else.

I have lots I could say on my blog but little energy to actually do it. My pet collection is going well – my latest is the fox kit which I am incredibly pleased to get – but he’s for another day…..

The real reason for the post is to do with Deathwing. Ever since I read about the achievement “Stood in the Fire” I wanted to get it. Every time somebody else in the guild gets killed I find out where and when and get all the details. I’ve seen screenshots, read bogs and even Barkie, my husband has managed it – he thought he had done something stupid of been jumped by a rogue until son and I told him what it was!

Last night I was tired. Again. I had worked all day, had kids off school and helped son with his GCSE maths revision. I was invited to run a HC, but just could not face it. I decided to go to my quiet little platform off the South coast of Uldum to fish and chat. My supplies of tasty priestly snacks had run low, so I thought I would build up my supplies.

. fish, chat

. fish, chat

. fish, chat

I was chatting away when I heard a roar and the sky turned red. In fact my whole screen turned into a beautiful sunset screen.

Beautiful Uldum sky

As you can see from the chat log in the next screenshot, I had a fair idea of what was about to happen but it seemed to be taking a long time so I mounted up to fly and see if I had missed it. This is what greeted me as I rose up from sea level :) (click for bigger piccies).

Good Grief!  He is HUGE!

You can see from the chat that it had taken him a minute to toast Uldum!

He flew over the top of me …

… and turned me into an angel as I snagged an achievement :)

I got back to my corpse and managed to res. The skies cleared and I flew up to survey the devastation.

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2 Responses to The Day Deathwing Came

  1. Soph/Elsen says:

    grats on the achievement!
    I’m still waiting for it! Seen the sky go red twice, but it’s never been near enough!
    And once…I just thought it was a graphics bug…

  2. Interestingly, I also got the Stood in the Fire achievement in Uldum.

    Even more interestingly: Questing there over the weekend on an alt, my quest partner and I were in a cut scene (Harrison Jones rescuing us from Schnottz’s firing squad) and when the cut scene finished, the ground was on fire. However, we did NOT receive the achievement! Had we not been in the cut scene, clearly we’d have been standing in the fire.

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