Where Seph gets a bit thinner and her ears get longer and she gets PIGTAILS! Wheee!

Well. I did a bit of searching and found a guild that ticked practically all of my boxes and then some.

I applied and after a bit of a grilling, was accepted on a trial.

So Seph moved. To a PVE server and to HORDE! Yes, I went HORDE! I realised why I hated Horde. They killed me. Most of them are big, ugly or green. I picked the prettiest race. And once I found my way to and about Orgrimmar a bit I got pigtails :)

I had to change my name a little. I am now Sephrinia with an i instead of the e, but everyone will call me Seph probably anyway.

I am completely and utterly lost being Horde. I have to do the initial quest chains again to get the portals to Sea World and Twilight Highlands to open again. I am worrying about how the hell to get to the raid instances, where the flight paths are and stuff like that.

I am absolutely petrified about not being good enough. The guild is very serious about raiding – which I am incredibly happy about, but also nervous. I had a good look about their website this morning and was bowled over by their guild definition statement….

“Nephilim is a guild aspiring to provide a home for mature, grounded individuals looking to compete in endgame content amongst the top 10% of guilds, but on a limited raid schedule and without the strings associated with hardcore gaming. Nephilim has no place for elitism, immaturity or loot-whoring, but is rather a community founded upon the core principle that intelligent discussion and decision making should be at the heart of all things Nephilim.”

Listening to them raiding I have been impressed by the professionalism, the running of the raids and the team work.

So – wish me luck. I think I have a steep learning curve coming up, not to mention I need to sort out all my add-ons which have lost their settings and stuff.

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4 Responses to Where Seph gets a bit thinner and her ears get longer and she gets PIGTAILS! Wheee!

  1. Zelmaru says:

    Every time I’ve tried to be a hordie, I’ve ended up inadvertently right clicking the flight master that USED to be my flight master, attacking him, and then having to run like hell.

  2. Pilfkin says:

    Congrats Seph! I hope you’re very happy in your new home and that you have fun raiding. And *huggles* for going belf! It’s awesome :)

  3. Saga says:

    Best of luck! I’m sure you’ll learn your way around sooner than you think!

    At least now we can fly and get a better idea from above and then swoop down where we need to instead of getting lost in Orgrimmar’s dark alleys!

    I recently went Horde on my Paladin alt, and I’m still getting used to things as well. Not the least being the fact that I now heal the people who have been ganking me!

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