Happy to be Horde

Well, I think it’s official. I am happy being Horde. I am happy with my new guild. I have found a new home and family.

I am a little stressed with dailies, but they will be all done soon. I have my new pets. I have my new trinkets. I have the new gear and recipes. I should stop being quite so OCD about them, but it gives me something to do at the end of a working day to calm down and switch out of work mode.

Raiding is going well. The guild’s progress group is now 1/7 Heroic and blasting their way through the normal content making strong and steady progress with their Heroic tries. My group is 6/7 after last night’s Majordomo kill. It was particularly sweet after a 1% wipe the night before. For a second raid group in a guild we are doing far better than I expected so soon.

The group is coming together and working well, the banter is flowing and it’s feeling good. Our forum is getting livelier. One guy posted a comic about how our group handles wiping. It made me smile. Most of the guys were depicted as cross, shouty or frustrated with pictures like these…

Our raid leader …

I was particularly delighted with my image. I was the only smiling one. I remember meeting a mother at school once who noted ‘You’re always smiling’ – I like being thought of that way. Even if I can be grumpy, miserable and a cross-patch bitch woman – I’m quite happy if others see me like this….

It reminds me of the little saying “If you see someone today without a smile, give them one of yours”. So here is your smile for today … 🙂

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