Sometimes WOW all gets a bit much…. especially around patches

I’m suffering from WOW overload with the new patch. I’m very busy IRL and it’s all feeling a bit like another job to me at the moment. I hate feeling like I should be playing all the time, rather than when I want to.

Things I’m NOT liking…

Dailies – Oh, I like dailies, but I’m feeling like I HAVE to do them at the moment. I need to get my items unlocked, I need to rescue the bears (have you seen them? they actually squirm when you hold them ready to throw at the trampoline!) and turtles (I like punting turtles) in order to get my new pets. Actually I don’t. Relax a bit Seph. You will get them. There is no rush.

Valor Points – I just got to the max and now they have all gone. People are running instances all the time to max out their points to buy new gear. I don’t have time to do dailies, raid AND max out my valor points. I’ve got 240 this week. That will have to do. I’m sorry – anything more is just too much work for me. It’s a GAME!

Things I am liking…

New pets 🙂 – Three for free when I logged in and one easy to get one.

Fun achievements – I saw someone get this one and found out how to do it for myself – I was very proud of actually managing it and not asking my son to do it for me!

The views were amazing … (click to make bigger) …

Raiding – We have been in Firelands. My guild’s progress group have killed 5 bosses this week and will no doubt get another one if not two this evening. Me and Group 2 have been a couple of evenings and managed to down Shannox and Beth’tilac (who gave me a nice new staff).

After getting very frustrated by failing to traps on Shannox, I finally got the idea and did OK. On Beth’tilac I felt like I did well – I was moderately impressed with myself and I finally relaxed a little. When I uploaded the fights to World of Logs it turns out I was ranked! (130th Disc priest). OK, I know it’s the first week and there’s not many kills, but it made me feel good and anything that boost my confidence a bit at the moment is no bad thing 🙂

We had a few tries on Mr Left foot, Right foot and progressed a bit but to be honest I was a bit tired really. I’m looking forward to people relaxing a bit and not wanting it all NOW! I think I’m going to be behind in my valor gear for many weeks to come, but you know, as long as I’m still having fun, I don’t care!

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4 Responses to Sometimes WOW all gets a bit much…. especially around patches

  1. Pilfkin says:

    “There is no rush”. This. Seriously – I read a post today, gaaaaaah, where is it…. *looks confused* I think it was linked off MMO Melting Pot, about how many days you’ll need to do the Firelands dailies before you unlock… whatever it is you unlock. It was a LOT of days IIRC.

    Congrats on sweeeeeeeet pets 🙂 And on the raiding progress, but just look after yourself and don’t push it all too hard – have fun Seph! *huggles*

    • Susan Reed says:

      Couldn’t agree more – its all about the fun, everything else is a bonus ! My progress up to date has been…stately, but who cares? The dailies & the bosses are not going anywhere – but gratz on your progress so far 🙂

  2. Marylin says:

    Wow, I really haven’t played in a long time! Not a clue what’s going on in game these days! Is that patch 4.2 coming out soon then?

  3. Syl says:

    “….and not wanting it all NOW”

    Amen to that.
    Good to see you still have your two feet on solid ground. =)
    All the “fear-and-prepare mongering” after the latest patch in WoW has left me slightly worried this week. it seems to ever reach new heights when I already thought it was bad 1 year ago lol.

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