Fun with Ogres

I was in Blades Edge doing my Outland Loremaster stuff when I came across some Ogres that I had to kill for one of my final quest. They were all yellow mobs to me and did not attack as I wandered among them. When I killed one he surprised my by saying….

It was then I remembered being made Queen of the Ogres a long time ago when Barkie and I were questing our way to level 70. The next few continued in the same vein….

and one even said he was going to Ogri’la.

Then one upset me (I know, I WAS killing them, but still….).

I was quite amused by the ogres and did some research… Apparently they respond to a fair few emotes, although I couldn’t get them to dance. I did get a wave out of them though.

If you /kiss them you get this…

and if you /point at them then they say

and if you /raise your fist in anger at them they kneel and emote…

… as if little old me could hurt a bloody big ogre.

I think my favourite was when I tried /fart…..

These things in the game make it so good for me. I have been chortling to myself all weekend over them 🙂

I love that even after playing the game for so long little things come along and amuse me, or I find out stuff I didn’t know before.

And I got my first part of Loremaster done – Outland. I think I’ll try and finish Northrend next. I know – I slack – I only ever completed half the zones there. At least now I should be able to kill most things and not have to respec Shadow *shudders*.

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2 Responses to Fun with Ogres

  1. Malevica says:

    That’s so cool! It really is the little things that make this game special, the attention to the details.

    /Goes off to work on Ogri’la rep…

  2. Sherise says:

    Oh my, that made my day! *giggles* Awesome! Its these little things that totally makes the game.

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