Hammer of Grammar – a delight re-found

I forget how long ago I first read these comics. Looking back at the timings it must be 3 or 4 years ago. They made me giggle because the people in them were obviously adults who played WOW, who like to RP, who liked to make fun of things AND their brains seemed to be wired in a similarly warped way to mine.

Today while browsing in a moment of escape from work, I found that Grimmtooth has kept them for posterity. Take a 15 minute break and read them here.

I do hope that Meghan O’hara will be OK with me linking and using one here. This makes me laugh SO MUCH and I just had to share it in case you’ve never seen it or needed reminding. Also it gives me a link to where I found them again and I can remember it when I’m feeling nostalgic and need a giggle.

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