I love sunsets. Now I have more time and am riding around the World of Warcraft a bit more I have seen quite a few. If I had time I would have taken part in the Screenshot posting thing, but I’m not into signing up for that much commitment to post or anything at the moment (and it’s lovely being that way). But if I had then these are some of the screen shots I would have posted. Enjoy your weekend and these images of calm.

In the Hinterlands while camping a rare for a dress to use for mogging….

The Hinterlands

Theramore – you can see why Jaina must like it :)

Dustwallow Marsh

Not sure if this was a sunset or a moonrise in Desolace, but it’s gorgeous anyway.


Thousand Needles was beautiful too.

Thousand Needles

And even though there is no actual sun in this one of Uldum, the sky was a gorgeous colour.


And for this one I think there was a reason why the sky went reddish, but he missed me this time! Ha ha – gonna get you one day Mr Deathwing and I have a warlock friend who is out to fry you to a crisp :)

Missed me Deathwing!

And finally – for Alquiel and Xethi – my boat! It’s lovely fun for pottering about Thousand Needles in 🙂

River boat for use in Thousand Needles

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