Holy Paladin assistance please?

Hello all,

Well you may remember I inherited my Dad’s Paladin when he died. I’ve not really played her, but have used her to farm and as something for my son to play with that isn’t any of his characters. She is currently sitting at level 83 and is Holy and Ret specced (I can’t see myself ever playing a tank).

You can have a look at her here.

I would like to get her set up to provide me with an alternative character to play with my guildies when they all run their multitude of alts through LFR and Seph has already been.

Healing is what I do best. I use Grid and Clique to heal with. I’d like to set up my buttons so essentially they can do similar things to my priest but I have no clue how a Paladin should heal. I know that they are solid tank healer and don’t have much aoe, but beyond that I’m a bit clueless.

Please can anyone point me at some good guides, or give me a quick how to paladin start guide? I’ve looked at the normal Elitist Jerks and that sort of site, but not having grown up with her at all they are a bit lost on me.

Thanks lots all <3

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  1. Saga says:

    I never wrote a Paladin guide since my Paladin is only my alt, and I only raid on it once a week with a friend’s guild. Maybe one of the Paladin bloggers out there have a good guide? If you can’t find one though, let me know and I can try to write a noob guide to Paladin (as in, written by a noob). I’m not an awesome paladin, but I seem to have gotten the hang of it decently after having always healed as a priest previously.

    A few things make paladin a fairly easy transition from a priest, I’ve even used the same keybinds as I did on my priest.

    Holy Light – Heal
    Flash of Light – Flash Heal
    Divine Light – Greater Heal
    Holy Shock – Prayer of Mending

    Similar things on similar keys..

    One possible place to look would be the MMO-Champion Class forums, there’s a Holy Paladin guide there, it’s quite in-depth but it’s possible to sift through it and find the basics.


    Let me know if there’s anything I can do for you!
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  2. Dragonray says:

    It’s a little basic, but I find noxxic.com has nice easy guides to give you a good starting point :)
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  3. Ari says:

    You might want to try Melting Pot’s Guide. Its pretty good.


    Basic Tank Healing priority list:
    Beacon of Light on Tank
    Seal of Insight and then Judgement on the Boss (watch “Judgements of the Pure” buff and Judge once a min or so to refresh it)
    Use Holy Shock (Instant Heal)
    Divine Light (Greater Heal)
    Word of Glory (when you have 3 Holy Power — Free Greater heal)

    Do not forget your cooldowns! You should be using these every boss fight.
    Lay on Hands — Instant full Health spell
    Avenging Wrath — Increases Healing caused by 20% for 20 sec (think Power Infusion)
    Guardian of Ancient Kings — Duplicates next 5 heals on your target
    Divine Favour — Increases your Haste by 20% and Crit 20% for 20 sec

    Reforge to Haste once you have enough Spirit

  4. theanorak says:

    The comedic truth is that, even with the adjustments and the downscaling of the 4pc tier bonus, Holy Paladins are currently vying for “most powerful raid healer” status.

    My (flailing, by no means definitive) approach is…

    Beacon tank. Holy shock on cooldown for holy power. Use holy light on everyone but the tank (it transfers 100% thru the beacon). When you have 3 holy power, you can use Word of Glory for an instacast heal. Use Divine Light if someone takes big damage (DLing the tank generates holy power). Save flash for “OMG, imminent death” moments as it’s expensive.

    Not done this since the 4.3 change. If you’re tank healing, beacon one and spam Holy Light on the other tank/the raid if the other tank is shiny. Use divine light as needed, direct healing your beacon target when damage is heavy for bonus holy power. Holy radiance might be more useful here, especially when people are stacked up. Cast holy radiance on different targets each time to avoid overwriting the hot portion. If you can position yourself at the back of the stack, use Light of Dawn (holy lazers!) too.

    As soon as the group clumps up, position yourself at the back edge. Use Holy Radiance and holy shock to generate HP, and Lay on Hands to spend it, then use single target heals when needed to keep the tank up. This is the standard meterhumping approach for holy in LFR :S

    More on Cooldowns
    Divine protection: glyphed, reduces magic damage by 40% and gives you a sprint. Usable every 30s, and very handy.
    Divine favour: could be advantageous to pair with holy radiance for extra ticks.
    Hand of Sacrifice: you take 30% of the incoming damage on a target. If you’re using this to mitigate a “big hit”, consider also using divine shield (bubble) to avoid taking the damage yourself.
    Divine plea: Mana regen cooldown, lasts 9s every 2 mins. For those 9s, your output is halved, so either pair with an output cooldown or (better) time it for a movement phase/downtime).
    Guardian: As it does duplicate your next 5 direct heals, make sure all five are Divine Lights. No point in duplicating a measly holy shock or holy light.
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