Mogging fun

Well, we have a warlock in our guild who likes to dress like this…

.. but recently she has seen the light and changed to look more priestly…

I’m not altogether sure that a scythe is quite the most appropriate weapon for a priest, but then I’ve devoted my life to healing and she is a warlock, so maybe it is for her 🙂

I decided that if a Warlock can become a Priest, how would a Priest trying to be a Warlock look?

The results are in – here is how Seph is looking at the moment ….

I think she needs horns, but am not sure if there is anything that a priest can get … need to do more looking I think 🙂 I’m also not 100% on the shoulders either so need to look at options there as well. But – mogging is fun – down side is that I have run out of room even more now – with a full void storage, a clothes alt and a full bank of 26 slot bags I’m down to my last dozen bag slots free….

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3 Responses to Mogging fun

  1. Alessandra says:

    Which sandals are you using? I tried an outfit like that for my priest too (blood elf), with some differences (no head and couldn´t find a staff to her, she´s one of my least played alts), and I didn´t find a nice pair of shoes in her closet.
    BTW, I think the head is fine. Love this crown. No horns please 🙂

  2. Sephrenia says:

    The various parts are:

    Head – Tourmaline Crown (Item)
    Shoulders – Flarecore Mantle
    Chest – Crimson Silk Vest
    Wrists – Bracers of the Bronze Flight
    Hands – Gossamer Gloves
    Belt – Sash of the Burning Heart
    Legs – Aboriginal Loincloth
    Feet – Fire Striders
    Weapon – Zhar`doom, Greatstaff of the Devourer

  3. Jonas says:

    The second picture, can you please give me the name of the white chest and the legs on the pic 🙂 been looking all over the place to find some white stuff for my disc priest. Atm im going with the Polychromatic Visionwrap from UBRS 🙂 but it is not so priestish. Ty

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