A joyful evening

Well, after a day feeling like I had been hit in the stomach with an iron bar due to a nasty tummy upset the day before, I was somewhat relieved that we didn’t quite manage enough people to try Heroic BD or BOT things. Instead we mustered as many as we could and went achievement hunting in ICC.

I have been missing 2 achievements for the bony flappy thing for a long time, but was happy to potter along and see how far we got. We had some fun, some giggle and a lot of people gathered a lot of achievements. It is testament to the number of times that I have been in ICC that I can still recall all the speeches and all the little annoying pronunciations of words.

We got to the one that has evaded me for many a try – Screamy Lady Sindragosa. First try went a bit quick and we managed to get some ice traps all over the place because Phase 2 started a bit quicker than we were expecting! Second try we decided that whoever got ice blocked could take one for the team and provide somewhere for the tank to hide and drop stacks.

We did it!

We wandered up to see Arthas, but didn’t really expect great things because we only had time for one try. Sadly we didn’t get great things, so will need to save our instance and go back some time – hopefully next week.

I was feeling quite tired after the raid, but decided to chill out doing my daily run of disappointment, so wandered over to Setthekk Halls to kill some birdies. I was in the middle of killing Anzu when my son wandered in looking for something to help him with his homework. I asked him to just hang on while I finished off Anzu. He came and looked at my screen and muttered “Mount”.

Anzu died and I looted. The first few things were on screen – some gold, a gem, a blue gun – but there was another page. This is my chat window log……

Yes, 2 minutes to kill Anzu is a long time, but I’m a healer OK – I don’t have a kill stuff spec. I am thinking seriously about changing that actually. But only thinking at the moment!

Anyway – finally I got it!

A few tries into my attempts to get this mount I realised that there was no way to count how many times I had killed him, so I carried on and killed Talon King Ikiss as well, so that the game would keep a count for me. Last night was my 66th kill of him! That means I’ve been after this mount daily (although I have missed some here and there) for over 2 months.

It felt damn good. It looks damn good. I went to bed tired but very happy 🙂

My son tried to claim all the glory, but the glory is MINE! As is the Raven Lord’s Mount – squeeeeee!

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2 Responses to A joyful evening

  1. Pilfkin says:

    Oh wow! That’s by far the best looking mount in the game, IMO. I’m so chuffed that you’ve got it! Congrats!
    Pilfkin recently posted..My thoughts on pet battlesMy Profile

  2. Oooh grats on Mount 😀
    The Godmother recently posted..Giant Dwarf News… 😀My Profile

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