Dad – remembered with love

Oh Dad. It’s 3 years today since that hideous phone call came in that shattered my world. Most days pass and am I coping with you not being here any more. It’s hard, but I can now manage to console my daughter when she gets tired and emotional and bursts into floods of tears missing you. I can remind her of your little funny things and we can remember you with love.

Today is my turn to collapse in floods of tears. I miss you so very much. It hurts even more now that not many of my immediate family play WOW any more. I miss our almost daily chats as I drive to pick up the kids from school – you would have been SO proud of my son’s achievements last year in his GSCEs and my daughter with her singing and dancing and wonderful caring nature.

I miss chatting to you about healing, making gold, how to do things in the game – your sense of wonder at it all – it was fantastic to see someone in his 60s embrace learning. It also made me appreciate that not all people know everything about the game, or understand how to do certain things, or that you can approach playing in so many ways.

I re-activated your account this month to get myself a new mount and had fun remembering all the different realms you started new characters on and set up a banker with each – the things I taught you to do to make yourself enough gold so you could afford to make your characters the best they could be.

I went through my old screenshots with guild kills and found you present on them. I was (mostly) proud that my Dad played WOW with me!

I came across this one that sums it all up really. Dad – I’m still waving at you, I wish you had not got disconnected and could wave back.

Much love Dad – today and every day – your daughter, Seph xxxx

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  1. Pilfkin says:

    Darling girl. I’m sending you lots of hugs for today. I can’t even begin to imagine how you’re feeling, which makes me very fortunate indeed. However, you have prompted me to pick up the phone and call my folks, because I can, and because I love them. Take care honey.
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  2. Shintar says:

    Poor Seph, you have my sympathies. πŸ™

    Personally I always thought it was very impressive and touching that you got to play with your Dad like that.
    Shintar recently posted..Three Month ReviewMy Profile

  3. Marylin says:

    Three years already? Oh sweety. Love and hugs to you and yours. xxxx
    Marylin recently posted..How freeing it must be…My Profile

  4. Alquiel says:

    *hugs* I can’t say everything I want to say here to you, after reading this. I remember you telling me about how your daughter felt about his passing away. Will do the same for you, as I did then.

    Love and tight, understanding hugs. xxxx
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  5. Morrigu says:

    I’m really sorry to be a bit late replying to this.

    But big *hugs* anyway even if it’s late. I can’t say I know how you feel as I have never lost anyone very close to me, but when I think about loding my own dad I feel awful, so I imagine actually doing so feels a zillion times worse.
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  6. Storm says:

    Three years already, time really flies… I just want to let you know that I thought your Dad was a wonderful man and I’m honored to have known him. Azeroth is not the same without him…
    *hugs* Storm

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