The Cataclysm is over!

Well, after a few weeks of lack of sign-ups, last week only getting as far as killing the first 4, some drama, some angst and general ‘annoy the hell out of Seph’-ness we got a full raid team together last night. We decided to keep our ID from last week and make a start on Ultraxion.

Gathered, buffed, RL mickey-taking over we killed him. This time it was me and a Shaman healing. It went very well. I think we had 2 deaths when the button didn’t press. Stupid button. He dropped the book of disgusting spells. Now, although I won Ragnaros’ Staff last week this is my BIS. I rolled and won. Then I started plotting a main hand to go with it. If all else failed I would buy the one from FL to make do. Next worry was how to trangmogrify it. That one I still need to work out!

We moved on to the boat. As we had some people who had only done the LFR version more explanations were needed. More relentless mickey taking of poor Mr Bear Raid Leader 🙂 He loves it really. The boat was saved first try too! Things were looking up.

Spine….. this has been a bit hard in recent weeks, but not last night. We were working like a well oiled machine. Maybe some of us were well oiled – it was Thursday night – traditionally pay night and have a few beers. More explanations (I researched a little on Mr Robot, WOW Wardrobe and Loot Rank while things were explained). And we managed to prise off Deathwing’s armour plates in one try too.

So….. we came to Deathwing, expecting to wipe a fair few times, but we were all up for it. It was only 45 minutes into our raid time. Plans were made and we began. Everything went smoothly. Nobody went swimming when Thrall miss-clicked lifting them to the next platform. We spread out well, we avoided things and WE DID IT! First try of the night!

We celebrated with some cake. My guild LOVE cake….

… click to make it bigger!

Pictures taken, time for loot. The dps dagger thing dropped. Our raid didn’t have any melee dps so much rolling was done. There was lots of angst as the highest roll was a 31! Another lucky priest (well, there were 3 in the raid)!

Next up – Maw of the Dragonlord – my other BIS and the last bit of gear that I’ve been really lusting after. I’ve won the odd tier piece, but for the rest I’ve grafted VP each week, bought mats and crafted things and generally worked hard to make myself the best I can be, but have had zero luck on weapons in LFR or even in FL (apart from this week, of course). I rolled and won that too! O M G.

We had a break for me to tuck my daughter in bed and I danced around our lounge like I’ve not done as a result of WOW in a long time! I feel happy, relived, incredibly pleased. This kill was the first ‘real’ kill I’ve achieved with my new guild – although I was there for the first Ragnaros kill, I had already killed him. This time it was my first one as well. It really cemented my place in the guild and made me very happy.

Thanks to all who were there and all who could not make it last night – it’s not just those who were there for the actual death – but the others who have helped along the way and been part of the learning process, part of the supply chain with fishies, potions and cauldrons, etc. A real team effort. Well done Enthusiasm!

After the high of our DW kill we went to FL and had some Heroic fun. We took some attempts on Beth’tilac, but then killed her Heroic for the first time, then tried Shannox, but I think tiredness was creeping in and he lived on this week so far.

I am looking forward to the next couple of weeks too – we should (people signing permitting) get our warlock her staff. I really hope the attendance boss does not hit us again – it would be such a shame to not get FL finished off and a guild legendary staff made. Staff for her and new pets for us all!

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  1. Congratulations 😀
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  2. Theanorak says:

    ’twas a good night, and something of a relief. We’ve had consistent bad luck at the end bosses of raiding tiers in the past, where RL stuff has generally dragged out the last kill for a seemingly endless time.

    The nicest thing about doing it now is that we have choices again. We’ll have a poke at some hardmodes, sure, but there’ll now be time to kill FL hardmodes, work our way to see Sinestra and clear up a tonne of outstanding achievements and missing boss kills for people. The world is our seagoing mollusc.
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