When my son used to come home from school, I would ask him what he had done and he would reply “stuff”. Today I have a lot of “Stuff” in my head that I want to get out there and share.

So – in no particular order:


To all the people who have supported my in so many ways. From a simple hug, to phone numbers, to keeping my busy in game. Thank you for being there, for caring.


I got Navspammed…... Navimie was a delight to meet. She was up at 3am when she came to visit and fortunately I was sneaking some time in WOW earlier in the evening than I would normally. I had so many things I wanted to show her, to play with and to talk about. She was starstuck to see me which I found incredibly amusing! Starstuck at ME? I’m only a little fish in such a big ocean. I only blog for me and don’t provide any service – no gold making, no class guides, no guild support. I just waffle on, over-enthuse and occasionally whine.

Anyway – it was fun! I believe she has since been back to my server but I was not there – damn working getting in the way of WOW again!


I now have one of each healer classes at 85 and able to go into LFR (*cough* PVP gear *cough*)

Sephrenya – my beautiful priestess. She is currently Disc, but worried about the changes that are coming. I always used to play her Holy, but never really got to grips with Chakras properly and enjoyed the ‘stop the damage getting in’ part of disc more, but have not read up enough about the new stuff to know how much it may affect me. We will see.

Yssi – my gorgeous druid who fell in love with Nozdormu, but is worried about his sexuality. On further investigation she realised he does have a ‘Prime Consort’ – Soridormi and a ‘Brood’. His son is Anachronos. Anyway, I digress…. Yssi is my second favourite and a contender for ‘first through MOP’. When I first tried druid healing I couldn’t get to grips with it, but came back to it and love it now.

Tyerra – my shaman. She is the newest of my healers and I am enjoying trying to be useful. She’s braved LFR twice, but prefers the intimacy of guild alt runs where she struggles to keep up, remember totems, weapon imbues, heroism etc. but has some fun anyway. I cheated in getting her, but making a level 80 Shaman when I Scroll of Resurrected my Dad’s account to get the mount 🙂

Melidare – my Dad’s paladin. I am not quite sure why really, but I can’t get to grips with paladin healing. My son is amazing at it, but I struggle. I’m not sure if it was because she belonged to my Dad and the memories are too great, or if I am just not cut out for healing on a paladin.

I am still mulling over who to take through MOP first. I think it will be Seph, but I also have a large soft spot for Yssi. Once the pets are on all my character, I wonder if Seph will lose the sparkle? Time will tell. I am not worried by the thought. I changed main at the start of TBC, so I guess I can do it again if I want.


Oh my gosh! I have started a dps character. Yes, I KNOW! She’s a pure dps character. But she can collect things – she’s a BM spec hunter 🙂 I got her from scroll of resurrecting my husband’s account for my son to play with, but he got bored of WOW again, so she became mine.

I have had a lot of fun tracking down and taming the spirit beasts in Northrend. Gondria and Arcturis were there the first time I looked for them. Loque’nahak took a fair few days flying about over Sholazar and then Skoll similar. So, now I need to level her to 85 so I can get the others. I have also found the ghost cat in Darkshore, the two headed gold birdie, the white two-headed core-hound, King Krush the dinosaur, the black lion in SB (same model as Humar), a rhino (called Tiny) and several others.

I’ve been going with guildies to instances and learning how to hunter. I am not great at targetting things and that is my biggest problem so far. When I can stand still and hit stuff I do OK. I am surprisingly good at kiting on the last boss in BRC – years of practise running away from things as a healer on a PVP server I guess!


When I moved guild I thought I’d given up all hope of seeing things Heroic again, but recently the guild have managed to get a full team together and have a couple of tries at Heroic bosses in DS. We’ve managed to kill 3 (Morchops, Mr Blobby and male shouty dragon) so far in a couple of evenings tries, so not bad in my opinion. It’s been good to feel pressured again – to have to learn how to do things new, rather than relying on autopilot.


I got it all out. I managed to find time to blog again. It’s taken me all weekend to get round to it, but I’ve done it 🙂 Maybe you can now expect the possibility of a blog post a fortnight when the kids go to their Dads house and I am home alone.

Speaking of which …. back to the hunter – called Calvina with Loque’nahak renamed Hobbes ….. 😉

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2 Responses to Stuff.

  1. Softi says:

    See? Kid free time is pretty damn awesome! 😉 LOVE the naming of your hunter/pet combo. Awesome. 😀
    See you in-game. Thank the Blizz-gods for Real ID, right?
    Softi recently posted..New Talent Trees… WTF?My Profile

  2. Valen says:

    Hey, this is my second time checking your blog and what do you know, update \o/

    You’re welcome, even if I may give you more headaches than hugs 🙂

    And thank you for being always very welcoming, usually in a spirited mood and generally being a very nice person 🙂

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