I’ll lead the raid … let’s have a ‘Crappy Alt Raid’

This is how my thought process went last night.

  • No raid leaders about so if I want to raid I’ll probably have to lead
  • Wonder if my guild friend will help me
  • Not enough people to do a HC raid
  • Not in the mood for healing
  • Fancy playing Hunter
  • She’s not geared yet for LFR
  • Muahaha – I’ll lead the raid, make it a bit of fun and call it the ‘crappy alt’ raid so I can take her for a boost through normal DS

Well, something like that anyway!

It wasn’t until after the raid that I realised just how completely crappy she was….

This was her AskMrRobot saved gear….

I think in all her glory she was about iLevel 362 (helped by including some dodgy stuff in her bags). I’ve only really been playing her to collect pets and potter about. I’ve been dragged through a couple of dungeons with guildies.

I didn’t have anything gemmed or enchanted, I had no flask or food, no clue what pet to take, but bugger it – I was going to try and to have some fun.

We only had 8 guildies about, so dragged in a couple of friends who really didn’t have a clue what they were letting themselves in for. Basically it was a ‘bring who you want’ raid. Raid leading is hard for me when I am trying to keep people alive. Last night was hard for a whole host of other reasons…

  • I’ve not done dps in a raid since I was on my rogue in BWL
  • I didn’t really know where most of stuff I was supposed to be hitting was, or was coming from.
  • I forgot to take growl off my pet
  • I forgot to re-apply Hunter’s Mark a lot
  • I was worrying about my blog post of yesterday
  • I was hungry
  • I was trying to tell a healer what to do and he wasn’t in Mumble
  • I was feeling responsible for being crap
  • I was concentrating SO HARD
  • I had a gazillion whispers

Things that went through my head…

  • Targetting things is hard
  • Where are the drakes to the side of the boat?
  • Argh! Sapper!
  • Where does the elementium bolt come from?
  • What do you hit when you don’t need to hit the amalgamation any more until it is ready to die?
  • Does a pet jump across the platforms too?

I had a blast! I giggled a lot (pure embarrassment). I was the only ‘Hunter, Warrior, Shaman’ and 3 pieces of tier dropped – shame. Nobody had to feel bad about any ‘oops’ moments because we didn’t care!

We had some fun with Zon’ozz since his balls were all over the place – so much that we got the achievement for bouncing them lots!

We wiped once on Ultraxion – not sure why, but probably my fault for missing the button that for some reason didn’t count down like it does when I’m healing.

We also wiped once on spine (Yay – another achievement – Stood in Fire!) because something died when it shouldn’t and so we all did too. I have no clue! I just tried to hit stuff and not to let my pet run amok.

I think I had the wrong pet out, but Loque is such a pretty pet isn’t he? He’s called Hobbes. My hunter is called Calvina. We love transmogging.

I LOVE Calvin and Hobbes.

Anyway. We killed all the things and I think most people had fun. Nobody seemed to be grumbling too much anyway.

I got to do the whole of DS wearing green legs and a green ring! I went and bought my bits and pieces and spent some justice points and tada – I got the ‘Superior’ achievement too! Job for tonight – gem and enchant it all. Also, buy food and flasks.

So now I look MUCH better and all of a sudden have a iLevel of 374 – well, 350 equipped, but meh.

Thanks guild for indulging me. It’s OK though – I am NOT going to suddenly go dps. It’s too hard and I am complete fail at it, but once every so often I think I can have a go 🙂

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