Preparing for Pandas

Everyone on my blog list seems to be getting ready for MOP.

THIS is what I am doing….





… yeah – NOTHING!

No taking time off work.
No preparing to be up all night.
No clearing out of bags.
No stacking up on mats to craft lots to beat the AH moguls.
No reading up on everything.
No making lists.
No stacking dailies to get ahead of the game.

It is bliss!

I am calm.

I am ready.

I know nothing much.

I’ve seen that there are various pet classes to battle with
I’ve seen that there are JC and Engineering mounts
I’ve seen some glimpses of far away places.
I’ve watched the trailer.
I’ve read a few bits about the new hunter pet tracking.

I am looking forward to a new adventure in a strange new land…..






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3 Responses to Preparing for Pandas

  1. Navimie says:

    Let me come waste some time with you then!
    Navimie recently posted..Navimie and that Dang Fool KallixtaMy Profile

  2. Ratshag says:

    Sounds like a solid plan.
    Ratshag recently posted..Lower The Curtain. Raise The House Lights.My Profile

  3. I think you’ve got the right approach. I spent a little time on Beta mucking about with monks enough to know that I’ll create an alt and likely enjoy leveling it. I’ve also now started the pre-reading for the raids and 5 mans, but I’m keeping a toe-in-the-water approach where I find out enough to be excited and likely still surprised.
    I’m really looking forward to it.
    typhoonandrew recently posted..In a friendly guild, who should get the Legendary?My Profile

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