Stuff … to empty my head

My head is full of a cold. It’s also full of things that I feel like saying. But I’ve not got round to it. I just can’t work up the energy. I can’t work up the energy for much at the moment. I don’t want to be doing dailies. I want to be playing with friends and having a giggle. I’ve been managing to do my Tillers and Anglers rep. They are OK. I don’t often have to kill many things. I get cute rewards. I have a doggie on my farm ….

and a mushan called Miss Fifi.

I know I should do the cloud serpents because there are pets at the end, but it’s all so busy and full of people fighting for mobs, to tag things, to race to pick up eggs, to rush in and grab something when it’s taken me 10 minutes to clear my way in – I just can’t face it.

I have been pet battling. Well, not so much pet battling as obsessively collecting my 400 unique pets (and more now – I have all that I can get for now by battling), then changing my mind and deciding I need at least an uncommon variety of each pet and going round gathering again. I think I am now down to only needing 10 which I should manage over the next few days.

I am not enjoying killing things. My love is of healing. When I tried that it was damn hard. We did a HC. I felt rubbish. I have a severe confidence loss again.

I am hoping that it’s the weather that is getting me down and when I get used to that I’ll feel better.

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  1. Navimie says:

    Oh a Mushan! That’s so cool! I have a doggie too, it’s so cute! Oh, I just wanted to say SEE YOU DO UPDATE STUFF! Must add you to blogroll /grin
    Navimie recently posted..Thursday raiding – Putting down the dogsMy Profile

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