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Sephrenia’s Guide to the Argent Tournament (aka how to get your pets)

Take the taxi ride from Krasus Landing to the Tournament Grounds. Run about looking at everything to see what they all sell and where stuff is. It’s safe here – Horde can’t attack you – hurrah! Pick up the Valiant … Continue reading

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Dun Morogh Cub

Isn’t he just the cutest thing you have EVER seen? Thanks yet again to my lovely friend, I have another companion, bringing my total to 90. I’ll have to start making some serious gold so I can snap up the … Continue reading

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Love my Guildies (part 2)

I have a special friend in my guild, who I have played with for a very long time. He’s a dedicaed gamer who in WOW has a level-at-least 70 character of every class. He plays them all far better than … Continue reading

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Veteran Nanny

This is the achievement a pet collecting Guild Mum is very proud of…. More on the stupidly stupid PVP stuff when I’ve worked up the energy to go into a BG 🙁

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Time off raiding = spending gold

Hmmm. I have a dilemma. When I’m not raiding, I don’t do the normal things like grind rep. For some reason I just can’t face doing Hodir stuff (maybe because there’s no pet involved). So, yesterday when I decided to … Continue reading

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Squeee – Little Fawn

Yay for new patches and presents in the post from Breanni. I got a new little pet for the 75 pet achievement. Here we are in Dalaran experiencing some lag casting our nerfed COH, but it looks very pretty though.

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Pet Heaven

Well, I found out the new pet achievement in the next patch has been lowered from 100 to 75, so Seph will get her little pet deer – hurrah! Also – I found a [White Tickbird Hatchling] on the AH … Continue reading

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Screenies – love them

I’ve been going through my screenies to put as many boss kills as I can find on our new, shiny Guild website and I came across this one from last Christmas (or whatever it’s called in WOW – I forget … Continue reading

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Twas a peaceful day in Dalaran….

…. so I went exploring the sewers again. There’s potions lying about. If you drink them they do this… hee hee – Tuskars… I like it. As a Tuskar you can sit down….. you shuffle up your pants and sit… … Continue reading

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Birthday Crocs

Well, it’s my birthday today, so I thought I’d try it on a bit when I saw it was the crocodile fishing quest…. I got a speedy response…. Not what I wanted, but hey – you can’t blame a girl … Continue reading

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