When my son used to come home from school, I would ask him what he had done and he would reply “stuff”. Today I have a lot of “Stuff” in my head that I want to get out there and share.

So – in no particular order:


To all the people who have supported my in so many ways. From a simple hug, to phone numbers, to keeping my busy in game. Thank you for being there, for caring.


I got Navspammed…... Navimie was a delight to meet. She was up at 3am when she came to visit and fortunately I was sneaking some time in WOW earlier in the evening than I would normally. I had so many things I wanted to show her, to play with and to talk about. She was starstuck to see me which I found incredibly amusing! Starstuck at ME? I’m only a little fish in such a big ocean. I only blog for me and don’t provide any service – no gold making, no class guides, no guild support. I just waffle on, over-enthuse and occasionally whine.

Anyway – it was fun! I believe she has since been back to my server but I was not there – damn working getting in the way of WOW again!


I now have one of each healer classes at 85 and able to go into LFR (*cough* PVP gear *cough*)

Sephrenya – my beautiful priestess. She is currently Disc, but worried about the changes that are coming. I always used to play her Holy, but never really got to grips with Chakras properly and enjoyed the ‘stop the damage getting in’ part of disc more, but have not read up enough about the new stuff to know how much it may affect me. We will see.

Yssi – my gorgeous druid who fell in love with Nozdormu, but is worried about his sexuality. On further investigation she realised he does have a ‘Prime Consort’ – Soridormi and a ‘Brood’. His son is Anachronos. Anyway, I digress…. Yssi is my second favourite and a contender for ‘first through MOP’. When I first tried druid healing I couldn’t get to grips with it, but came back to it and love it now.

Tyerra – my shaman. She is the newest of my healers and I am enjoying trying to be useful. She’s braved LFR twice, but prefers the intimacy of guild alt runs where she struggles to keep up, remember totems, weapon imbues, heroism etc. but has some fun anyway. I cheated in getting her, but making a level 80 Shaman when I Scroll of Resurrected my Dad’s account to get the mount πŸ™‚

Melidare – my Dad’s paladin. I am not quite sure why really, but I can’t get to grips with paladin healing. My son is amazing at it, but I struggle. I’m not sure if it was because she belonged to my Dad and the memories are too great, or if I am just not cut out for healing on a paladin.

I am still mulling over who to take through MOP first. I think it will be Seph, but I also have a large soft spot for Yssi. Once the pets are on all my character, I wonder if Seph will lose the sparkle? Time will tell. I am not worried by the thought. I changed main at the start of TBC, so I guess I can do it again if I want.


Oh my gosh! I have started a dps character. Yes, I KNOW! She’s a pure dps character. But she can collect things – she’s a BM spec hunter πŸ™‚ I got her from scroll of resurrecting my husband’s account for my son to play with, but he got bored of WOW again, so she became mine.

I have had a lot of fun tracking down and taming the spirit beasts in Northrend. Gondria and Arcturis were there the first time I looked for them. Loque’nahak took a fair few days flying about over Sholazar and then Skoll similar. So, now I need to level her to 85 so I can get the others. I have also found the ghost cat in Darkshore, the two headed gold birdie, the white two-headed core-hound, King Krush the dinosaur, the black lion in SB (same model as Humar), a rhino (called Tiny) and several others.

I’ve been going with guildies to instances and learning how to hunter. I am not great at targetting things and that is my biggest problem so far. When I can stand still and hit stuff I do OK. I am surprisingly good at kiting on the last boss in BRC – years of practise running away from things as a healer on a PVP server I guess!


When I moved guild I thought I’d given up all hope of seeing things Heroic again, but recently the guild have managed to get a full team together and have a couple of tries at Heroic bosses in DS. We’ve managed to kill 3 (Morchops, Mr Blobby and male shouty dragon) so far in a couple of evenings tries, so not bad in my opinion. It’s been good to feel pressured again – to have to learn how to do things new, rather than relying on autopilot.


I got it all out. I managed to find time to blog again. It’s taken me all weekend to get round to it, but I’ve done it πŸ™‚ Maybe you can now expect the possibility of a blog post a fortnight when the kids go to their Dads house and I am home alone.

Speaking of which …. back to the hunter – called Calvina with Loque’nahak renamed Hobbes ….. πŸ˜‰

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Where Real Life Bites

Well, it’s been a while since I blogged at all. Real life came along and bit me BIG TIME. I had a very busy time at work, but the real thing is that on the evening of our 21st Wedding Anniversary while thinking about what to do for it, my husband and I finally realised that things were not really working any more for us. We had become more like brother and sister than husband and wife. We niggled, we bickered, we loved each other, but not in a touching, caring sort of way. We decided that it would be in all our best interests if we separated.

The kids were coming up to exam time, so we decided to wait until they had finished before telling them. We told them at the start of half term, then we all went away together as a family for a holiday to show them that is was still possible, that the world had not ended and that we would find happiness again.

Two weeks ago, he moved out. It has been a hard time, stressful but liberating, emotional but calm. I had been from one extreme of feelings to the other.

With all this going on, I’ve kind of immersed myself in family and WOW and generally hidden from the world a bit. My MS showed symptoms of causing another relapse so I decided to try and beat that off and have been on some high dose steroids which, although causing some nasty insomnia, have helped. I can see light at the end of the tunnel.

This has helped me through. I read this and it gets me through the tough days.

Thanks to my family, my friends, my guild, WOW. Thanks to all the people who have said kind words, who have offered support, who are there for me.

May love, peace and happiness follow you all.

Normal service will be resumed soon – MOP is coming! More pets! Farmville! New toys (for me?). New adventures. I’ve not been on the beta and I’ve not really read too much about it. I want to take my time and smell the flowers, see the scenery, immerse myself in the fantastic new world that Blizzard has created. I am not going to rush to do it all. I have all the time in the world …. of warcraft πŸ™‚

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Cool Nerd Queen

Go me! I think I can cope with being a Cool Nerd Queen, particularly as I scored low on the Dumb/Dork/Awkwardness part πŸ™‚ says I'm a Cool Nerd Queen.  Click here to take the Nerd Test, get geeky images and jokes, and talk to others on the nerd forum!

It does reflect the facts that I am a Statistician, all the Star Wars films are my favourite films, I’ve had a computer of some sort since I was a little girl although other people are mainly responsible for it and I’m less interested in History and Literature, but I read a fair bit.

Being somewhat bored I continued with the quizzes and apparently am not particularly stupid – yay! says I'm 3% Stupid! How stupid are you? Click Here!

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Project is done for a little while!

Hurrah! I’ve finished the part of my project at work that has been taking up all my time and energy. I worked a 10 hour day yesterday and finally got everything sent to my client. Today I am as much use as a chocolate fire guard so have taken the afternoon off to recover. Things will hot up again in July for a while, but at the moment I am calm again.

Wow has been quiet. My guild is suffering from people being busy, people having too many real life issues, people not having the same priorities as me and general end of expansion things. It kind of bugs me when people go on about it being end of expansion. You can’t actually say you’ve done everything unless you have killed DW on Heroic, have finished Loremaster, done all old raids on HC (or hardest whatever it was), got your achievements for all old dungeons, maxed all your skills, collected everything there is to collect – on one of every type of character. There is always something to do in the game and for me I would be happy to do any of these with friends from my guild. I thought the point of being in a guild that raided less frequently was so that you COULD raid less frequently and do all your other stuff at other times.

That is what WOW is about for me – the social – it’s my evening in the pub, it’s my days out shopping with girl friends, it’s my trips to the cinema. Once again I am missing it. This time around I am trying not to get too bothered by it. Trying to hold on to the hope that people will come back once we finally get Pandas – my guess is end July to tie in with school holidays. I think most children/students anywhere in the World are off at the end of July.

I have been playing my druid and having some fun healing with her. I couldn’t get to grips with Paladin healing, but have enjoyed things so far with my druid. I have a Moonkin offspec which allowed me to quest and all of a sudden….

I went questing to help Thrall from himself and at the wedding of Thrall and Aggra I seem to have caught someone’s eye….

Not a bad catch for a fledgeling druid eh?

Last night I joined another guild’s run in DS and had some fun, then snagged a few guildies and realid friends to humour Yssi while she healed her way through all the End Time instances. I had managed to buy, steal and borrow enough gear to get in almost as soon as I hit 85 and began yesterday on ilevel 371. I’d kind of like to be able to have a go at LFR rather than pug a 5 man instance so we went and did all 3 instances. I think we only died a couple of times – once to a disconnect and a few due to my misclicks and general not quite up to speed-ness, but I enjoyed myself and got some more new gear and ended the evening on 377 with only 5 bits of PVP cheat gear left to replace and lots more to gem and enchant.

I doubt I’ll venture into LFR tonight – I’m not quite that brave to try it on the last night before reset when it’s full of people geared as badly as me, who can’t quite seem to play at all – at least I AM trying hard when I play πŸ™‚

At least now when guildies do alt runs I will have someone I am happy to play that I seem to be able to get the hang of OK enough to feel like I’m not completely letting the side down.

Oh – plus point boost to my ego last night in the run with the other guild – we have a mutual ‘help each other out’ type arrangement – the raid leader announced that he and I would be 2 healing Blackhorn (he’s a Holy priest, I’m Disc). PANIC! I’ve never 2 healed it and I often feel like I’m running around flailing a lot on that fight. He responded to my panic stricken whisper with… “We usually 2 heal this and you’re like super awesome – just thought it would be a good idea. :)”

We managed and I felt super awesome and very, very special. Nice feeling πŸ™‚

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Too much pressure

I love mogging and I love having been in the competition, but this week it’s not good. I’m very stressed and busy at work, the kids are off school, family are visiting and I just don’t have enough time for anything.

I am withdrawing from the Mog competition. I am so sorry that I have taken up people’s time and someone else’s space in the competition, but I can’t take the pressure. Ideally I’d get something ready, but I think this time I’d need about a month to feel good enough.

I can do any number of cloth entries – I have so many sets of my own, but I just don’t know any class other than a priest and hate feeling inadequate.

Sorry all and thanks to all who have supported me and helped my in previous rounds with encouragement. Hugs and chocolate for everyone!

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A joyful evening

Well, after a day feeling like I had been hit in the stomach with an iron bar due to a nasty tummy upset the day before, I was somewhat relieved that we didn’t quite manage enough people to try Heroic BD or BOT things. Instead we mustered as many as we could and went achievement hunting in ICC.

I have been missing 2 achievements for the bony flappy thing for a long time, but was happy to potter along and see how far we got. We had some fun, some giggle and a lot of people gathered a lot of achievements. It is testament to the number of times that I have been in ICC that I can still recall all the speeches and all the little annoying pronunciations of words.

We got to the one that has evaded me for many a try – Screamy Lady Sindragosa. First try went a bit quick and we managed to get some ice traps all over the place because Phase 2 started a bit quicker than we were expecting! Second try we decided that whoever got ice blocked could take one for the team and provide somewhere for the tank to hide and drop stacks.

We did it!

We wandered up to see Arthas, but didn’t really expect great things because we only had time for one try. Sadly we didn’t get great things, so will need to save our instance and go back some time – hopefully next week.

I was feeling quite tired after the raid, but decided to chill out doing my daily run of disappointment, so wandered over to Setthekk Halls to kill some birdies. I was in the middle of killing Anzu when my son wandered in looking for something to help him with his homework. I asked him to just hang on while I finished off Anzu. He came and looked at my screen and muttered “Mount”.

Anzu died and I looted. The first few things were on screen – some gold, a gem, a blue gun – but there was another page. This is my chat window log……

Yes, 2 minutes to kill Anzu is a long time, but I’m a healer OK – I don’t have a kill stuff spec. I am thinking seriously about changing that actually. But only thinking at the moment!

Anyway – finally I got it!

A few tries into my attempts to get this mount I realised that there was no way to count how many times I had killed him, so I carried on and killed Talon King Ikiss as well, so that the game would keep a count for me. Last night was my 66th kill of him! That means I’ve been after this mount daily (although I have missed some here and there) for over 2 months.

It felt damn good. It looks damn good. I went to bed tired but very happy πŸ™‚

My son tried to claim all the glory, but the glory is MINE! As is the Raven Lord’s Mount – squeeeeee!

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Mogging madness

Oh good grief! I entered the Azerothian Mog Madness competition almost as a passing thing. I got through to the next round! I didn’t really realise there were rounds. I am such fail.

Round one is detailed here

The next round means you have to use a druid or hunter and Marrowstrike or Glaive of the Pit. I had a complete panic because I don’t have a druid or a hunter that I play really. I begged my guildies to run my poor benched lvl 76 druid in Magtheridon in the hope that I would get the needed item. Then I read that I could submit a Mogit picture. Relief!

So here is what I would do if I had the time or energy (having had an upset stomach yesterday I’m not up to anything much really) to go about with my baby druid. I tried to pick out the lovely colours of the polearm – the blue and the gold and carry them through the outfit.

I wanted to use my druid’s blue hair which matched beautifully, but then thought a bit more and tried to make her recognisable as a druid and what better than the moose ears πŸ™‚

Edit: Items used…

Head – Moon-Crown Antlers
Shoulders – Headhunter’s Spaulders
Chest – Powder Burn Vest
Wrist – Glyphed Bracers
Hands – Subduer’s Gloves
Waist – Belt of the Deep
Legs – Severed Druid’s Leggings
Feet – Cold Boots

I don’t usually show the cloak I’m wearing but if I did it would be this.. Crazy Cenarion Cloak and the off-hand I would be proud to be alliance with my study guide Replica Grand Marshal’s Tome of Power.

Here is a picture from the back.

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Dad – remembered with love

Oh Dad. It’s 3 years today since that hideous phone call came in that shattered my world. Most days pass and am I coping with you not being here any more. It’s hard, but I can now manage to console my daughter when she gets tired and emotional and bursts into floods of tears missing you. I can remind her of your little funny things and we can remember you with love.

Today is my turn to collapse in floods of tears. I miss you so very much. It hurts even more now that not many of my immediate family play WOW any more. I miss our almost daily chats as I drive to pick up the kids from school – you would have been SO proud of my son’s achievements last year in his GSCEs and my daughter with her singing and dancing and wonderful caring nature.

I miss chatting to you about healing, making gold, how to do things in the game – your sense of wonder at it all – it was fantastic to see someone in his 60s embrace learning. It also made me appreciate that not all people know everything about the game, or understand how to do certain things, or that you can approach playing in so many ways.

I re-activated your account this month to get myself a new mount and had fun remembering all the different realms you started new characters on and set up a banker with each – the things I taught you to do to make yourself enough gold so you could afford to make your characters the best they could be.

I went through my old screenshots with guild kills and found you present on them. I was (mostly) proud that my Dad played WOW with me!

I came across this one that sums it all up really. Dad – I’m still waving at you, I wish you had not got disconnected and could wave back.

Much love Dad – today and every day – your daughter, Seph xxxx

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MOP Pet Battles….

OMG! I just read this…

Pet Battle System

  • For years blizzard has wanted to have mini games in World of Warcraft. They have also always wanted something more for pets but they didn’t not want them to be mandatory. The pet battle system allows a perfect solution for both, and gives players something to do after dungeons, raids, challenges, scenarios, and battlegrounds.
  • The pet UI has been fully updated. On the left you will see a list of all the pets you have, and the ones you don’t as well as where to find those pets. When you click on a pet, you have, it will pull up a pet card with all the information on the pet
  • Pets will have health, levels, attack, defense, and movement speed (which is an initiative type of value) . Pets will also have 6 abilities, of which they can choose three of. It will work just like the players talent system. Two per row, can only pick one per row. You will be able to change these outside of battle. You unlock more abilities by leveling the pet up
  • You can name all your pets, and they will be shared across all characters.
  • When you enter a battle, you will see both players along with that player’s pets lined up in front of them.
  • You will be able to switch your pets between the ones you have selected mid fight. They also now run up to the enemy pet to attack it!
  • When you challenge another player in the world, it’ll just kind of smoothly zoom in to this view. When you finish, it’ll just pull right back on out to your normal gameplay view.
  • There will also be random critters and NPCs out in the world you can fight to level up your pets. As well as a queuing system to queue and fight other players.
  • There are roughly 100 wild pets across Azeroth to collect.
  • PvP pet battles are going to be a fun and causal. They do not want losing to feel like a big deal because that’s really what drives a lot of people out of it. They will only track the number of wins and not the number of loses. You will also not see the other players name, and the players can not talk to one another. It should feel like your playing against another NPC (that just happens to be very smart).

How the hell am I going to think up names for all 185 of my pets? Also – 100 wild pets to collect – wheeee – more pets! I hope they are new ones, or some of the rarer trading card ones that I didn’t get round to buying. Squeeeee!

I for one think that this will be fun. It’s anonymous. You can do it on your own. I love the way it has de-personalised the pvp for pets. I can play and compete and not actually feel like I’m hurting or really bothering someone. I think Blizzard have realised that a large proportion of players are those who are obsessive compulsives and this provides us with something else to keep us playing πŸ™‚

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Diablo – hmmm

I’m not really sure what this all is, but since I am on the annual pass in order to get free stuff and this is one of those free stuff things, I downloaded it anyway …

If you click Install you get this…

I think I need to find a bit more out about this Diablo thing. As far as I am concerned a Diablo is a circus juggling toy that I will see when I go to watch Cirque du Soleil next month. Hints or tips anyone?

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