The Cataclysm is over!

Well, after a few weeks of lack of sign-ups, last week only getting as far as killing the first 4, some drama, some angst and general ‘annoy the hell out of Seph’-ness we got a full raid team together last night. We decided to keep our ID from last week and make a start on Ultraxion.

Gathered, buffed, RL mickey-taking over we killed him. This time it was me and a Shaman healing. It went very well. I think we had 2 deaths when the button didn’t press. Stupid button. He dropped the book of disgusting spells. Now, although I won Ragnaros’ Staff last week this is my BIS. I rolled and won. Then I started plotting a main hand to go with it. If all else failed I would buy the one from FL to make do. Next worry was how to trangmogrify it. That one I still need to work out!

We moved on to the boat. As we had some people who had only done the LFR version more explanations were needed. More relentless mickey taking of poor Mr Bear Raid Leader 🙂 He loves it really. The boat was saved first try too! Things were looking up.

Spine….. this has been a bit hard in recent weeks, but not last night. We were working like a well oiled machine. Maybe some of us were well oiled – it was Thursday night – traditionally pay night and have a few beers. More explanations (I researched a little on Mr Robot, WOW Wardrobe and Loot Rank while things were explained). And we managed to prise off Deathwing’s armour plates in one try too.

So….. we came to Deathwing, expecting to wipe a fair few times, but we were all up for it. It was only 45 minutes into our raid time. Plans were made and we began. Everything went smoothly. Nobody went swimming when Thrall miss-clicked lifting them to the next platform. We spread out well, we avoided things and WE DID IT! First try of the night!

We celebrated with some cake. My guild LOVE cake….

… click to make it bigger!

Pictures taken, time for loot. The dps dagger thing dropped. Our raid didn’t have any melee dps so much rolling was done. There was lots of angst as the highest roll was a 31! Another lucky priest (well, there were 3 in the raid)!

Next up – Maw of the Dragonlord – my other BIS and the last bit of gear that I’ve been really lusting after. I’ve won the odd tier piece, but for the rest I’ve grafted VP each week, bought mats and crafted things and generally worked hard to make myself the best I can be, but have had zero luck on weapons in LFR or even in FL (apart from this week, of course). I rolled and won that too! O M G.

We had a break for me to tuck my daughter in bed and I danced around our lounge like I’ve not done as a result of WOW in a long time! I feel happy, relived, incredibly pleased. This kill was the first ‘real’ kill I’ve achieved with my new guild – although I was there for the first Ragnaros kill, I had already killed him. This time it was my first one as well. It really cemented my place in the guild and made me very happy.

Thanks to all who were there and all who could not make it last night – it’s not just those who were there for the actual death – but the others who have helped along the way and been part of the learning process, part of the supply chain with fishies, potions and cauldrons, etc. A real team effort. Well done Enthusiasm!

After the high of our DW kill we went to FL and had some Heroic fun. We took some attempts on Beth’tilac, but then killed her Heroic for the first time, then tried Shannox, but I think tiredness was creeping in and he lived on this week so far.

I am looking forward to the next couple of weeks too – we should (people signing permitting) get our warlock her staff. I really hope the attendance boss does not hit us again – it would be such a shame to not get FL finished off and a guild legendary staff made. Staff for her and new pets for us all!

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Guild Plug…

My guild is recruiting …

Enthusiasm – a home for cakeloving, fun-seeking raiders, altoholics and elfbearcattrees.

We can be found on the EU Darkmoon Faire RP-PVE realm.

Who are we?

A tight-knit 10 man raiding guild, passionate about WoW and about raiding. Your average Enthusiast is in her/ his best age with various RL responsibilities, owns some sort of house pet (cat / dog / kids / dust-balls), loves a good cake and a bottle of rum, with a slight addiction towards late night jokes on Mumble. We have members with more alts than achievement points, members that spend all day looking for the perfect Transmog outfit, members that enjoy a good Horde-whoopin` Battleground, and members that hunt Achievements or Rares / Pets / Mounts like there was no tomorrow. What we all have in common is the desire to come together as a team and experience the various, challenging content Blizzard has bestowed upon us. Aka; The Raids.

What can we offer?

A lovely WoW family and a relaxed and social raiding environment, with all the benefits and perks our guild has achieved. On raiding nights we can provide Cauldrons and Fish Feasts (also known as Hank the Lobster), along with the mandatory and accidental face-pull followed by a “OhGodimsosorryguys”. We are nowhere near hardcore. We stand in fire, we fall of edges, we get distracted by cats on the keyboard. But we always kill the bosses in the end. And always end the night with a good laugh.

What are we looking for?

Likeminded, mature and dedicated people. Since our members have a lot of love for their alts, we don`t care much about what Class you are, as long as you are happy with what you play. Gearscore and experience is of no concern, as long as you are willing to learn and improve as part of a team. We expect you to have a understanding of what Real Life actually means, and look upon raiding with a relaxed sense of humour and enthusiasm. Elitists and divas is NOT on our wanted-list.

Anything else?

The application process happens trough our website (see below). The response time is between 2-6 days, depending on how fulfilling the application is. Our raiding days, times and “guildrules” (we call them guidelines) can be found on the website aswell.

Please bring cake. Thank you.

– Sherise, Officer of Enthusiasm –

A small taste of some of the members in Enthusiasm:

Theanorak: Our beloved guildleader. Has the most brilliant sense of humour, so paddings should be aquired to avoid fall damage when you ROFL.

Daineiara: Mistress Of Fire. Has the biggest collection of Male souls in the guild, which can be heard screaming in agony if one listens closely when on Mumble. Is a walking WoW-wiki with boobs.

Alquiel: The sweetest bellydancing druid there is. Has the highest score when it comes to standing in fire. Has developed super fast skills when it comes to de-catting a room before raids.

Coltoon: Alquiels husband and partner in crime. Is the dedicated sacrifical gnome in the guild, to ensure everyone gets the loot they are after except him. Is usually found dead somewhere, with the explanation “Blink failed me”.

Tanyanka: Miss Farm-a-lot and Huntress Extraordinaire. Is a brilliant cook, and luckily shares her recipes with us on the forum or her blog.

Baxtoor: Can be found at the nearest pub with a beer in each hand. Have trouble deciding what absorbant pants to wear on raid nights.

Minona: The guilds Mascot. Sweet as sugarcoated chocolate, with the most entertaining In-Character blog of them all.

So there you have it! If you would like to meet the rest of our “family”, you know what to do. Hit that apply button! *

* Ahem…found on the webisite below.


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Holy Paladin assistance please?

Hello all,

Well you may remember I inherited my Dad’s Paladin when he died. I’ve not really played her, but have used her to farm and as something for my son to play with that isn’t any of his characters. She is currently sitting at level 83 and is Holy and Ret specced (I can’t see myself ever playing a tank).

You can have a look at her here.

I would like to get her set up to provide me with an alternative character to play with my guildies when they all run their multitude of alts through LFR and Seph has already been.

Healing is what I do best. I use Grid and Clique to heal with. I’d like to set up my buttons so essentially they can do similar things to my priest but I have no clue how a Paladin should heal. I know that they are solid tank healer and don’t have much aoe, but beyond that I’m a bit clueless.

Please can anyone point me at some good guides, or give me a quick how to paladin start guide? I’ve looked at the normal Elitist Jerks and that sort of site, but not having grown up with her at all they are a bit lost on me.

Thanks lots all <3

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Screenshot tagged

Argh, I got tagged. I hate being tagged because it means I feel obliged to post or I will let the person who tagged me down. I’m going to break the thing though because I’m not picking people to tag. If you want to do this too, then please consider yourself tagged…. Most of the folks I’d pick are tagged already anyway and anyone I didn’t pick might be upset that I didn’t pick them.

These are the ‘rules’ …

  • Go into your image folder
  • Open the sixth sub-folder and choose the sixth image.
  • Publish the image! (and a few words wouldn’t hurt, though I dare say I couln’t stop a blogger from adding a few words of their own).
  • Challenge six new bloggers.
  • Link to them.

My screenshots are all lumped together. I think some really really old ones got over-written. I am not organised enough nor have enough time to catalogue them, even though I would love to have them so arranged. I looked back as far as I could see and counted 6 up from the bottom.

This is what was there – click to make it bigger.

This is Seph, somewhere about level 66 or 67 I think, in the bank in SW in her Lovely Black Dress. I think it is dated from 13 Feb 2007. As you can tell from the gchat it was around the time druids got lifebloom (Kzal was a druid and was testing it out). As you can also tell, this is before I discovered many add-ons. Barkie in the chat is my husband and has come up with one of his ‘interesting’ definitions. The guards in SW are level 65. I have 700 odd gold and I think back then was considered quite well off.

Tag yourself if you wish.

Godmother – it’s OK – I’m not cross at you really even though I don’t like tag things – I’ve just had a very very hard week coinciding with half term and am already almost at my wits end. And I didn’t get any flowers for valentine’s day.

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Mogging fun

Well, we have a warlock in our guild who likes to dress like this…

.. but recently she has seen the light and changed to look more priestly…

I’m not altogether sure that a scythe is quite the most appropriate weapon for a priest, but then I’ve devoted my life to healing and she is a warlock, so maybe it is for her 🙂

I decided that if a Warlock can become a Priest, how would a Priest trying to be a Warlock look?

The results are in – here is how Seph is looking at the moment ….

I think she needs horns, but am not sure if there is anything that a priest can get … need to do more looking I think 🙂 I’m also not 100% on the shoulders either so need to look at options there as well. But – mogging is fun – down side is that I have run out of room even more now – with a full void storage, a clothes alt and a full bank of 26 slot bags I’m down to my last dozen bag slots free….

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That’s better!

Well, the guild had some big discussions about raiding and re-instilled the ‘rules’ and expectations. Apparently I jumped the gun a bit and beat the GM to a post (poor soul was delayed by a nasty man-flu virus bug thing). I also felt hideous for not bringing it up with them first, but I’m used to posting here to vent while working out what I’m trying to say.

Anyway – net result was 11 sign-ups for last night. We were all buffed, prepared, in the instance and ready to go a good 10 minutes early. It was LOVELY.

We had a really good raid – killing 5 bosses in DS with only a few wipes (one on Zon’ozz due to horrible timing of healers moving and tank suddenly being squishy, and a few on Ultraxion while people found their missing purple buttons and saw the fight for the first time) and also having a first few tentative tries on Warmaster Blackhorn in our 3 hours. We even had a full 15 minute break during which I managed to settle my daughter to bed AND make a cup of tea AND sort out errant kittens who were feeding their food pouches to the dog.

Everyone was happy and focussed and it felt GOOD.

I got some new gloves – even though my rolls for the evening consisted of a 2, 4, 17 and 58 (which was beaten by everyone else) – a lovely guildie who had cleaned up on the rolling front passed them to me. I think almost everyone got something shiny to go home with – we even seemed to have more than our normal share of epic gems as well.

Hopefully the attendance boss will be lenient and we can go back and see how we fare against the evil return of the boat. It would appear that Lootship Mark 2 is actually Evilship Mark 1.

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What do you expect of a raid and other raiders?

Warning – wall of text with no pictures. Ranty 3 o’clock in the morning, kept me awake thinking so had to come and get it off my chest post!

This question has cropped up in my mind recently with my switch from ‘hardcore’ to ‘social’. It has been around for a long time – back when I moved from Common Sense to Take Ten it was one of the biggest reasons for the split. It’s a tricky balance and means something different to almost every player.

What do you expect when you turn up for a raid?

Do you expect to go along and have a go at killing things?
Do you expect the guild to provide food and flasks?
Do you expect your fellow raiders to be fully gemmed, enchanted, geared enough for the content?
Do you expect people to know how to play their class?
Do you expect that everyone has read up on the tactics or watched a video?

Each of these questions (and many more) can have sub questions – such as if your guild provides food and flasks, should they also provide potions so you can pre-pot before a fight? Should the gems be expected to be a certain quality? How do you check that people know what to do? What should you do if they obviously don’t know?

All of these things are going round in my head at the moment partly because of our recent Ultraxion fight. The raid, although successful was also frustrating for me as an ex-hardcore player.

I come from Vanilla days where we were expected to farm for things to help us improve – the time I spent flying round Felwood farming Whipperroot Tubers would put many a player completely off the game today. Back then I played rogue and would take 60-80 bandages, 20-40 tubers, 40-60 health potions (you could take more than one per fight) to every raid. I would be outside the instance at least 15 minutes before raid start time. I would have read the tactics. I WAS PREPARED!

This extends still today – in my bags I have 2 different types of flask (spirit and int), 4 different sorts of food (spirit, int, fortune cookies and coffee), 3 different potions (mana, concentration, ghost elixir) and a stack of bandages. Even though my guild always provides a cauldron and crab buckets I still carry this stuff about. I would not consider raiding without it.

Last week on our Ultraxion night we were 20 minutes late starting because we were short on people for the raid. That I am OK with – I’d far rather start late then not raid. When we did get a full group, we were delayed even more while someone got some gear enchanted – this was mildly irritating.

Before our last few tries, we decided to try and kick it up a notch on the dps front and pre-pot ….. so we waited while we got enough potions made to allow everyone to do this (which involved going back to SW to buy some mats off the AH and getting them crafted). This also bothered me a bit – to me this is part of being a dps player – do what you can to get the most dps you can.

Anyway – it worked and we killed the boss. I couldn’t help thinking though that if we had all been prepared we probably could have had some good tries on Blackhorn as well. It bothered me about my own expectation – was I expecting too much?

Now, I do love my guild and I don’t expect the sort of behaviour that I saw in my last guild – for example on a recent application made there it was expected that the applicant should have had the latest epic gems in their best in slot gear.

I don’t necessarily expect that from a ‘social guild’, but am I being elistist if I expect people to look after their characters and bring to a raid all they can to make them work to the best of their abilities? Is it wrong of me to feel a little like I am not given the respect of my fellow players if they don’t?

Do I expect to much of my guild friends? I think I probably do. But is it wrong to feel that way? Is it bad of me to want other people to get the most from their characters if they are going to raid?

On a side note – today I wondered how it would affect people and their play styles if the LFR didn’t let you in if you had unenchanted or ungemmed gear. Would it help people to learn more? Could it be extended to check for glyphs? To look for a decent talent specification? Could it be made to be a ‘learn to play’ tool rather than being full of tools who try to teach others to learn to play?

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What do I write

I’m running out of oomph for blogging again. I’d love to write more. I keep thinking up things to write about then never seem to find the time, energy or I read somebody else’s version and it’s better than mine, so I don’t write.

Over the past week my guild got Hagara down. I can’t really remember much about it other than running about OK and not dying. Then we moved to Ultraxion. We had a few goes on him on Monday then went back with a vengeance on Tuesday. My lovely druid friend and I were two healing it. This was a scary prospect, but in this guild I felt relaxed. I could do what I do best – stand still for most of the fight and heal my little socks off. Some 14 or so tries later and we were running out of evening… We got to the infamous last try of the night. Everyone had potions, food, flasks, serious face and nobody died a stupid death and we downed that silly purple dragon! (And I forgot to take a screenshot >.<) I was hyper - it felt good to be pushed to heal well, use all my cooldowns and things I normally forget to press. But even so, the whole thing is feeling a bit of a let down to be honest. Having done it all in LFR there is nothing particularly new, other than it being 10 man. It is fantastic to have done it with the guild - that means so much more to me than the LFR and it's great that we are raiding again after the Christmas lull. We have one or 2 new guildies so things are looking up. It's nice having some more bodies to fill in for those who are lost to Star Wars, but we could still do with a few more. Other than that I was working on a new transmog set. I wanted something that showed a little more flesh than my devout set. This is how I ended up...

It’s the recoloured Transcendence set with the Staff of Infinite Mysteries. I do have the full ‘normal’ Transcendence set too, but it’s a bit of a dull colour.

We had a retro night this week as well and cleared BT, MH and SSC all in one evening. Through the middle of BT, this popped up, which was nice …

That, along with the achievement for visiting all the old people and I am over 10,000 points. I have been getting all the coins to buy the Lunar Festival lantern and bought the Horde one off the AH. I have been pottering about again with Archaeology. It’s so damn annoying though. I only want the Tol’vir pet. Here are my current stats…

It took me 152 tries to get the NE dolly and was the last NE rare to get. I have only had 2 Tol’vir rares in my 20 rares so far. It’s getting a bit demoralising, but I keep on plugging away. One day it will pop up, but damn, it’s dull at times now.

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Human again :)

I took the plunge and went Human again. It amazes me how much more at home it feels.

The only shame now is that I can’t have my real spelling – but I guess you can’t win them all.

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To be, or not to be – that is the question

Should I be Night Elf, or should I go back to being Human?

I’ve been mulling this over for a while. When I came home from my Horde holiday, I decided to go NE because I’d been BE and quite liked it. Also, my first real character had been a NE rogue and I liked the look of her. I fancied having Shadowmeld so I could hide from Horde, which I don’t need to do any more on a PVE server and to help if a raid was wiping, which I always forget I have and so rarely use anyway. Plus NE get to do somersaults when they jump which is quite cool, except I’m not a teenage player idling in SW and don’t often jump for effect.

Since then, I’ve not felt right completely. Seph used to be Human. All my memories of her are as a Human. Now, I do love NE, but I’m kind of missing being Human.

Here are the then and now pictures…

What do you think guys? Should I go back to being human? I know the outfits aren’t quite comparable, but… hmmmmm.

I think human characters suit skimpy clothes a little more than NE – their bottoms are rounder and perter. I am wondering this because I am mulling a mogging outfit that would match/fit in with the rest of the tarts ladies in my guild.

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